COVID-19 information
for customers and brokers

Working hard for you during COVID-19

The situation we find ourselves in today is unprecedented in our lifetimes. The measures being implemented to enforce social distancing by authorities across the world are changing the way we live.

Communities and businesses across Canada are struggling. Here at Gore Mutual, helping our brokers and customers tackle the COVID-19 pandemic is currently our only priority.

All of our employees are now working from home. We are open for business and our underwriting and claims departments are fully operational. We have implemented a strong disaster recovery plan and continue to do everything possible to ensure the well-being of our employees.

Financial markets are extremely volatile during this time. As Canada’s oldest mutual insurance company, we have experienced many crises in our 180-year history and our balance sheet and our operations are strong and resilient. We are in this with you for the long haul and we are working tirelessly for our brokers and customers.

This is a difficult time for all of us, but we will get through this together. Please stay safe.

Andy Taylor
Chief Executive Officer


Open for Business and Ready to Help

Gore Mutual is open for business and ready to support our brokers and customers during this extraordinary and difficult time. We know you have a lot of questions, want clarity and we’re ready to help.

If You Have Questions, We’re Here for You

If you have any questions during these difficult times, contact your local insurance broker – they know you best and can give you the answers you need. You can find your broker’s contact information on your insurance policy documents, or on their website. If you are unable to contact your broker or would prefer to speak with us directly, you can reach us at 1-800-265-8600 or email us at We’re here to answer your questions during these stressful times.

Protecting Our Employees and Policyholders

During the pandemic, our number one priority is the health and safety of our customers, broker partners and employees. Here at Gore Mutual, we’re doing everything possible to ‘flatten the curve’ and help limit the spread of COVID-19. We’ve fully mobilized the majority of our employees to work remotely, with over 99% of our employees now working from home. We’ve suspended all business travel and are leveraging technology for meetings and business.

To protect the safety and well-being of the small number of employees that need to come to the office, we’ve taken extra precautions and increased sanitation efforts, which include regularly disinfecting workspaces and deep cleaning where possible.

To protect our customers, we’ve suspended access to our office in compliance with government mandated social distancing requirements.

Support for Customers Making a Claim

If you need to make a claim during COVID-19, we suggest you call your local broker as they know you best, otherwise speak to one of our dedicated ClaimCare Advisors at 1-800-265-8600.

We are using technology to limit our in-person visits to keep our customers and their families safe. Our Certified ClaimCare Network partners continue to work hard to provide services to our customers when they need it most. They are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your family, wearing protective equipment during emergency situations and while providing in-person assistance.

Financial Relief and Payment Flexibility

We recognize the difficulty that this pandemic has caused for the many Canadians who have been financially impacted.

If you are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 and would like to discuss payment flexibility options, please contact your broker. We will work with them to explore your options and find the best solution for you.

Hiring During COVID-19

We continue to hire qualified candidates to fill the critical roles that we need in order to keep working hard for you during these challenging times.

We have modified our recruitment process through virtual tools and interviews to protect the safety of job candidates. If you are interested in our current openings have a look here.

Home Customers: Home Office

With many of our customers unexpectedly working from home, we continue to provide personal liability and business property coverage up to $5,000 on all existing personal property policies.

Claims: “Quick Cash”

In a growing number of cases, mandated physical distancing requirements as a result of COVID-19 have made claims-related repair work challenging. For customers experiencing repair disruptions, we’re offering the Quick Cash option for fast settlement.

Payments: Broker Flexibility

To support brokers who are working remotely, we have enabled fully remote payments through ClearPay Standard. This gives your team the ability to send premiums and remittance advice digitally, eliminates the need to physically sign cheques, reduces the risk of fraud, creates operational efficiencies and reduces settlement delays. Furthermore, payments and policy information are automatically transmitted from your BMS with no impact to your workflow. No extra banking services are required. You can use any financial institution and be setup in as little as 15 minutes.

Supporting Our Communities During COVID-19

Giving is in our DNA – Gore Mutual has a long history of helping our country and our communities in times of adversity and national emergency. We feel we have an obligation to do it once again as Canadian communities and the healthcare system faces a crises due to COVID-19. As a result, Gore Mutual Foundation has partnered with CanadaHelps to provide a $2 million matching grant to kickstart their COVID-19 cause funds which aim to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus on vulnerable Canadians through healthcare and community supports. Learn more about how we’re working with CanadaHelps to give back in this time of need.

Keeping You Up to Date

In times like these it’s important to have the right information from the right places. We’re staying informed by continuously monitoring the most reputable news and health sources. We encourage you to visit the following for the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19:

Going Forward, Together

For more than 180 years, we’ve helped our customers go forward. Throughout the years, we’ve endured and overcome wars and natural disasters. Today, we’re working tirelessly to help our customers, communities and broker partners during this pandemic, so we can all move forward once again.

The information on this page is subject to continuous change as a result of new announcements from the government and other regulatory organizations. We will continue to monitor the situation and update this page as required. Thank you for your continued business and support. Please stay safe.