For those who don’t know me, I came to Gore Mutual after spending more than a decade working with NGOs with no background in the insurance industry whatsoever. Being an outsider has given me an advantage by insulating me from traditional thinking. I like to think that my role at Gore Mutual is to challenge the status quo. With events like Fast Forward and the launch of Go Magazine, we’re bringing forward new ideas in very unique ways.

We may raise a few eyebrows with the announcement of Go Magazine. It’s obvious that there are a lot of great industry magazines out there providing genuine value to brokers. We’re not looking to create clutter or be the definitive source of industry news here, but we do see an opportunity to venture beyond the established boundaries of our industry to showcase remarkable people with perspectives that are distinctly outside the box.

We’re hoping that brokers will be inspired by what they see in Go Magazine, whether it’s a story, video or new product announcement so that it affects constructive change in their approach to work – no matter how modest. If this sounds a bit familiar, it should. We’ve taken the “Inspiring Talks, Real Solutions” blueprint from Fast Forward and put it in a format that is accessible to brokers all year-round.