Consumer Alerts – Protect Yourself from Fraud

Mystery Shopper scam using Gore Mutual Insurance Company’s logo

We would like to warn consumers about a mystery shopper scam involving the use of Gore Mutual’s name and logo.

Fraudulent letters and cheques are being sent to consumers as part of a mystery shopper request. These cheques bear the name and logo of Canadian financial institutions. Gore Mutual’s name has been used in some instances.

Typically, the recipient is asked to deposit a cheque, keep $400 in their account as payment, and wire a sum of money to another person’s account. The fraudulent cheque will not clear the banking system, and the transferred sum is unrecoverable.

Gore Mutual does not send out letters or cheques to consumers for such programs.

If you are uncertain about any correspondence or cheques received from Gore Mutual, please contact your broker or email

If you have received such a letter and cheque, please report it to your local police agency and send a copy of your police report to

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre also offers tips on how to protect yourself from fraud and scams.