Fast Forward is mere days away! This landmark event is exclusively for our broker partners and insurance professionals and takes place in Toronto on Thursday, June 14 from 1 pm – 6 pm.

A few weeks back we announced that Waypoint Insurance CEO Tony Hayes will be our reporter in the stands at Fast Forward, interviewing audience members throughout the afternoon. He’ll analyze the content being presented onstage and give audience members the chance to share their opinions too. We caught up with Tony to get his thoughts on the day.

“I’m really looking forward to Fast Forward. Gore Mutual does an outstanding job tackling real industry issues, asking the tough questions and offering solutions. This is what I want from my partners – real leadership.

“My role next week is to engage the audience to get real feedback on the topics being discussed. If you have something to share, come find me!”

Fast Forward will feature Rick Mercer and Peter Mansbridge followed by three dynamic panels that will examine key industry issues. We spoke with some of our panelists about the event.

IBAO CEO Colin Simpson – Industry Outlook panel

Why are you excited about Fast Forward?

Fast Forward is a great event to be a part of. The approach Gore Mutual takes to try and encourage people to think differently, innovate and move the industry forward is very exciting. I’m actually missing my 14 year old’s graduation to be there!

Monitor Deloitte Senior Manager Mukul Ahuja – Technology and the Customer Experience panel

Why are you excited about Fast Forward?
This rare event transports the audience forward from today’s day-to-day tactical challenges and improvements and elevates the discourse to the more strategic, longer-term view of the forces impacting the industry, creating opportunities for challenging debates about scenarios, trends and bold bets that are essential and rarely happen at other industry events.

What can people expect from your panel?
Canadian consumers have rapidly evolved their expectations from their service providers, through all aspects of their experience. The value drivers have seen fundamental changes and the industry has failed to keep pace. Expect to learn about the most salient findings from deep customer observations and quantitative insights on what makes customers tick and how brokers can thrive in a technology enabled future to deliver customer value.

Gore Mutual Director of Marketing and Communications Igor Bubic – Broker of the Future panel

What can people expect from your panel?
Broker of the Future is a panel discussion about what possibilities exist in the five to ten year roadmap for brokers. While no one can say for certain what the future looks like, there are strong indicators like AI and shifting consumer demographics and preferences that will likely drive outcomes. I think there’s going to be a lot of great information that comes out of this discussion and I’m really interested in hearing the perspectives of the other panelists and audience.

Fast Forward takes place on June 14 from 1- 6 pm at Koerner Hall in Toronto and is sold out. For more information about the event, visit here.

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