From climate change to driverless cars and the internet of things, we're always looking for ways overcome the challenges of the future and make change work for our customers and partners. We created industry renowned thought leadership events like Fast Forward to talk about the big issues and drive solutions.


Like we mentioned above, driving thought leadership through events like Fast Forward and more, we talk about all the big issues we’re facing as an industry and the impact that things like climate change, driverless cars and cyber security have on our customers and business partners. Fast Forward, in particular breaks the mould of how typical insurance discussions are delivered and offers a combination of fascinating and relevant content from high profile figures, leaders and subject matter experts from both within and outside the insurance industry. When it comes to change and innovation, different perspectives matter, that why the event has featured people like David Suzuki, Chris Hadfield, Terry O’Reilly, Peter Mansbridge, Rick Mercer and others. Talks and topics like “Impossible Things Happen,” have inspired us to challenge convention and change the way we do things, even when they’re difficult, like our Next Horizon business transformation. Learn more here.



Have a look at some of our past keynote speakers

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Rick Mercer

An award-winning broadcaster and author, Rick Mercer is one of the country’s most popular comics and a political satirist who knows exactly what matters to regular Canadians. Known as “Canada’s Unofficial Opposition,” he’s never been one to shy away from hot button topics. At Fast Forward, Mercer shared his unique insights about our ever-changing world.

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Peter Mansbridge

One of Canada’s most respected and recognizable figures, Mansbridge’s sterling career at the CBC is without precedent. For five decades, he has guided us through the political, economic, and cultural events that have shaped our nation. He’s witnessed large amounts of change throughout his career and believes the best way to see the change you want is to participate in it.

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Chris Hadfield

Col. Chris Hadfield has been called “the most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong.” The first Canadian to command the International Space Station, he used social media to make outer space accessible to millions renewing interest in his industry – something brokers are working hard to do in their own industry. He wowed our audience with the lessons about change, leadership, teamwork, collaboration and technology.

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David Suzuki

An award-winning scientist, broadcaster and author, Dr. David Suzuki is one of the world’s most acclaimed and influential environmentalists. Throughout his career, he has raised public consciousness about environmental issues. He gave us a compelling and sometimes frightening look at the state of our environment – it continues to be one of the most important topics for our industry and the entire planet with severe weather on the rise.

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Jim Carroll

An author, media commentator and consultant, Jim Carroll is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading global futurists on trends and innovation. He’s garnered praise from clients such as NASA, Disney and Johnson & Johnson. He taught us to anticipate change, embrace the future through innovation and start preparing for tomorrow’s economic and social trends, today.

Highlights from past events