Through the Gore Mutual Foundation, we strengthen Canadian communities by supporting local initiatives in the areas in which we do business. Since being created in 1998, we've donated more than $10 million to over 650 charities through the Gore Mutual Foundation.

  • What our partners say

    We share the same community values as the Gore Mutual Foundation. We’ve made a bigger impact by partnering together and there’s still more we can do.

    - Steve, Partner & Director of Sales, Josslin Insurance
  • What our partners say

    "Their generous support for Haven House is appreciated beyond words. They’ve demonstrated community leadership."

    - Mary, CEO, Women’s Crisis Services Waterloo Region


We fulfill our mission and accomplish our goals by prioritizing our efforts around three strategic areas:


Developing leaders of tomorrow


Building strong, healthy families


Protecting families, keeping them safe from harm

We will work together with Gore Mutual broker partners to create enduring partnerships. This collaboration helps us achieve our vision of stronger communities across Canada.

The Gore Mutual Foundation grants funds to effective, well-managed charities with a clear vision and goals on how they strengthen their community.

Brokers, lets work together to help our communities. Nominate a charity today.

At the Gore Mutual Foundation, we’re committed to funding local initiatives in the areas of healthy families, youth and safety. We know your community is important to you, it’s important to us, too, and we want to help. When you give to a charity of your choice in one of our charitable categories, we’ll match your gift to double the impact.

We’ll match any amount you choose from $500 to $10,000. We want to support what’s important to you and your community, whatever of your budget.

Visit goremutualfoundation.org for more details and to nominate your favorite charity today!