One of Canada’s best-known media personalities, over the past 25 years George Stroumboulopoulos has worked for sports and rock radio stations, MuchMusic, CBC, CNN, Hockey Night in Canada and more.

These days, he hosts The Strombo Show, a weekly radio program on CBC 2 that’s produced in his home where he plays music and speaks with a slew of entertainers. And while inviting celebrities into your house for interviews is definitely cool, what’s even more awesome is his House of Strombo series. Sponsored by Apple Music, it features intimate, stripped down performances and – more remarkably – fully cranked concerts with a hundred or so fans packed into his living room and kitchen. With these gigs, Stroumboulopoulos creates once-in-a-lifetime experiences where people can interact with their favourite artists in a unique setting reinforcing music’s ability to connect and inspire.

Stroumboulopoulos invited Go Magazine to his home to talk about his House of Strombo concert series and share his unique take on the importance of community, embracing change and taking risks. Renowned for his interviewing skills, Stroumboulopoulos is great at being interviewed as well and has some remarkable insights to share. Watch the video below and see for yourself.

The Strombo Show airs on Sundays from 8 pm – 11 pm on CBC Radio 2 and past episodes of the program can be streamed here. You can watch extended interviews from The Strombo Show along with House of Strombo concerts and performances here.

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