We've had a lot of interviews with interesting people like Denise Donlon, David Usher, Guy Kawasaki and others who share the same values of innovation, kindness and community like we do. One of our favourites from the past year was a video interview with George Stroumboulopoulos on reinvention and taking risks.

Bif Naked: Whatever It Takes
Widely regarded as one of Canada’s most iconic rock musicians, Bif Naked has a slew of chart-topping singlesand gold and platinum-selling albums to her name. Throughout her career, she’s shown an incredible willingness to do whatever it takes to make things happen. Some may be surprised that despite Naked’s fame, after releasing her 1994 debut album, she quickly found herself without a record label. “We had been signed to a small indie record company in Vancouver, made the first record and then the company closed about a week after my record came out,”...
Les Stroud – Keep Moving Forward
Saying that Les Stroud likes to keep busy is a pretty big understatement. Best known as the...
David Usher: Opening New Opportunities
Music was among the first industries to be digitally disrupted. And while this created problems...
Rick Campanelli: Grabbing Life by the Horns
Many of us were first introduced to Rick Campanelli in 1994 when he beat out...
Denise Donlon: Blazing a Path for Change
Many readers likely remember Canadian media trailblazer Denise Donlon from her days at MuchMusic where...
Riaz Meghji: Meaningful Conversations Build Success
As the host of Breakfast Television Vancouver, Riaz Meghji knows the importance of strong communication...
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Steve Patterson: Fallback Plans Are Overrated
One of Canada’s top comedic talents, Steve Patterson is an award-winning comic best known as the long-running...
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East Coast Wisdom: Alan Doyle Shares Secrets to Success and Longevity
Iconic Newfoundland singer-songwriter, best-selling author, actor, recipient of the Order of Canada … Alan Doyle’s...
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Brand and the Art of Persuasion: We Talk to CBC Radio’s Terry O’Reilly
Broadcaster, copywriter, advertiser and marketing superstar Terry O’Reilly knows a thing or two about the...
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Carlos Caceres, Rising Star
In the next installment of our Meet Our Underwriter series, we meet up with Carlos...
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Brave, New Digital World: Collaboration Is Key to Our Digital Journey
Technology continues to change at a rapid pace, creating exciting opportunities for bold and substantive...
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30 Second Insight: Bruce Croxon
Lavalife co-founder and former Dragons' Den star Bruce Croxon talks about teamwork at our Town...
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30 Second Insight: David Suzuki
David Suzuki talks about how we can shape our future by what we do today...
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The Guy Kawasaki Touch
Canva Chief Evangelist Guy Kawasaki is one of the most influential people in marketing with...
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We had our video crew interview Collective Arts co-founder and CEO Matt Johnston about how the company is driven by creativity and how taking risks has led to success. We like interviewing people who share our values of creative thinking and giving back to the community.

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