In the latest segment of our Meet Our Underwriter series, we meet up with Angelie Sy, a Senior Underwriter on our Personal Insurance Solutions team. Let’s see what she had to say.

You’ve been at Gore Mutual for seven years now. Can you tell us a bit about your professional experience before joining Gore Mutual?

Gore Mutual is the fifth insurance company where I’ve worked. I’ve been in the industry for 20 years and have also worked for Federation Insurance, CNS and Aviva in the past. Federation was my first job, I was green in insurance and doing support work at the time. Then I moved my way to underwriting, did a brief stint doing a bit of commercial at Aviva, but most of the time I have worked in personal lines.

What are some of the things you love about working at Gore Mutual?

We have a wonderful workplace environment and I look forward to coming to our office every day. We have such great comradery, from leadership to every staff member. I’ve felt that ever since I started here.

We’ve heard that you really enjoy mentoring new staff. Why is mentoring important to you?

I like passing on what I know and empowering people. I believe it’s really important to do that. When new people join our company, I invite them for coffee because I want them to feel like they’re part of our team from the very start. I’ve had prior roles in other companies where I was a mentor to the team. When I came to Gore Mutual, that was something that I wanted to continue doing and it’s been fantastic that I can nurture it here. I also mentor outside of work. I tutor my nephews with their high school studies and I’ve taught piano in the past.

What makes the British Columbia market unique?

We have a lot of overseas consumers that are coming to B.C. and buying properties. And because they are coming from different backgrounds, as underwriters we have to be sensitive to how they may react to the decisions we make on their insurance because they may perceive our actions differently.

What’s your favorite part about being an underwriter?

The technical knowledge I’ve learned over the years about homes and personal lines, like how a house works, the mortgage, etc. At the same time, as an underwriter I feel that I have an important purpose in society because I make decisions that involve the financial interests of someone else. If I didn’t find a purpose in what I do, I think I would have changed careers by now. I also hold my relationships with my brokers dear.

What do you want our brokers to know about our personalized offerings?

I’m very proud of Gore Mutual’s products. Like I said, this is my fifth insurance company, so I can confidently say that our products are excellent. Gore Mutual is improving our customer-centricity on every level, whether it’s in underwriting, billing or commercial lines. We also have excellent employees who believe in what they do and want to offer the best service.

What’s the best career advice you have ever received?

My dad always told me that knowledge is power. Throughout my career, I’ve also learned that it’s important to do what makes you happy. If you come to work and you’re miserable, you’re probably in the wrong place. Whatever you’re going to pursue, I think it’s important to be able to find joy and purpose in it.

What’s something people might not know about you?

I eat vegan five to six days a week. And I have a green belt in judo, but that’s from a long time ago. I also get called the “soccer aunt” because I have three nephews that play soccer and my sister and I work together to coordinate their schedule and get them to all of their practices and games.