Keep your business safe and secure with with Padlock, our industry-leading cyber and data breach coverage.

With Canadian businesses becoming increasingly dependent on technology, cyber insurance is now more of a necessity than an option. Recent headlines have shown how cyberattacks are impacting businesses of all sizes.


It’s not just massive corporations being hit anymore. Small business have become targeted too and the attacks are increasing. We’ve developed one of the most comprehensive cyber coverages in Canada for small business at an affordable price.


We’ve paid a lot of attention to the details because cyberattacks hit small companies like yours the hardest. From stolen laptops and phishing scams to ransomware and cyberattacks, Padlock keeps you protected.




Unfortunately, the small business industry has been slow to respond or aren’t aware of the risk and the extent of damage that can be caused by cyber and data threats, so we’ve created three layers of no-hassle and no-worry protection.

Three Layers of Hassle Free Protection

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