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At Gore Mutual, we continually strive to reinvent our business in unexpected ways. We have made a lot of moves in recent years to respond to the rapid change that is happening in our industry. By investing in digital, strengthening our products and building a culture of innovation, we have firmly established that Gore Mutual is a future-forward company in the market.

Broker events like Fast Forward and the creation of Go Magazine underscore our commitment to broker distribution. Go Magazine’s primary focus will be delivering content that is both helpful and meaningful to brokers. While at times the articles may be provocative, candid and abstract, they have also been crafted to inspire brokers with different insights about the future.

The pace of change remains faster than ever before. Technology, changing distribution and customer demographics, economic uncertainty and severe weather are creating challenges for our industry. In 2018, we will take a deeper look at broader social and environmental issues, recognizing that the health and financial strength of our brokers, communities, and that of Gore Mutual are mutually dependent. Gore Mutual will also remain committed to helping brokers compete in this dynamic environment and strengthen the value proposition for customers in new and exciting ways.

The future of insurance industry is still unwritten and full of opportunity. As a dynamic and modern mutual with an ambitious strategy, we have the flexibility to transform and grow our businesses together with our broker partners

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